Tabitha Havens

Our first daughter and third child is a Dora in the making

Tabitha didn’t waste time. At three years old, she wanted to see the world. “I want to go camping!” “I want to stay in a hotel in a city!” Even her vocabulary was adventurous. “This popsicle is delicious!” No wonder her favorite TV show is Dora the Explorer.

Now four years old, Tabitha spends time wowing her preschool teacher and playing with her brothers and cousins. Having met all of her travel goals so far, her next destination is an aquarium.

“I learned to parent all over again.”

—Eugene Havens, on his third child

“I found a routine with two boys. What would a daughter be like? With Tabitha, I discovered a new side of parenting. Many things would be more pleasant and definitely more conversational.”

Eugene and the kids

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