Lily Havens

Born in late 2022, Lily Havens’ story is only just beginning

Lily was born early on a Monday morning, the first day of the work week. It makes sense. Lily is all business at being a baby. She eats and sleeps like a pro. It’s rare to find her upset. After the delivery, her father asked the nurse, “Does she cry enough?”

Lily starts her days on this earth with many blessings. She’s in a loving family. She’s loved by the God who made her. Her parents and siblings look forward to seeing how the Lord has gifted her.

“Four years later, back in the saddle?”

—Eugene Havens, on his fourth child

“Our other kids no longer need parental supervision every minute. It was almost time to take a breather. Lily brings us back to square one, allowing us to enjoy it all with a fresh perspective.”

Me and the other three

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