Julian Havens

Our firstborn can’t decide on his favorite Bible translation

Julian loves to read. His favorite book isn’t Harry Potter or the Narnia books. It’s the Holy Bible. When he was younger, Julian read Bible stories for children. Soon, he graduated to the full Bible. Julian was surprised to discover there are many translations! Currently, he likes the good ol’ King James Bible.

Besides reading, Julian sharpens his brain by playing chess. He also loves video games (Minecraft and the LEGO series). His favorite outdoor activity is hiking up a big rock near our house.

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“It all seemed so easy back then!”

—Eugene Havens, on his first child

“I learned the ropes of being a parent with Julian. Feeding, naps, walks in the park; watching one child while working from home was routine chaos. Little did I know, three kids would follow!”

ME and the other three

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