Eugene Havens

A devoted father of four who feels like an accidental dad

Eugene Havens wanted to keep life simple. His one and only goal? To become a published author. Then Eugene got married, and life got complicated. Today, Eugene is the father of four young children. A daytime dad, Eugene is up to his ears in kids.

Here, Eugene blogs about a messy family adventure. It’s a life anyone who procrastinated having a family will relate to. How does a mature parent cope with work-life balance? How does a father keep up with kids who are mistaken for his grandchildren?

Many of history’s famous writers were childless. Nevertheless, Eugene continues to pursue his writing dream while raising his children to feel loved in a way he never did while growing up.

Eugene and his wife Iris with three (of four)

Eugene blogs about older parenting

Are you waiting to start a family? Eugene blogs about raising children as an older parent. A first-time father at age 47, Eugene shares the blessings and struggles of starting a family so late.

Topics include:

• Balancing career goals and family time


• making the most of more limited time

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