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Eugene and Iris believed they were too old to have a big family

Where did the time go? It seemed as if Eugene and Iris had only recently gotten married. In actuality, twelve years would pass while hopping cities, changing jobs, and moving up the corporate ladder. All the while, Eugene worked on his long-awaited novel.

By the time Julian was born, Eugene would be 47 years old! Fortunately, Iris was a decade younger. And yet, at his age, Eugene imagined they might have time for two kids.

Percy, Eugene, Iris, Julian, and Tabitha
Eugene and Iris

Eugene is the father of four children

—Eugene Havens

Eugene and Iris would soon welcome another son, Percy, with special needs. Was it time to stand pat? Two years later, when Eugene was 51 years old, Tabitha was born without issues.

Their family was complete. For four years, Eugene and Iris gave away infant clothes and removed the last crib. Then they found out Lily would be due in November 2022 when Eugene was 55.

At this point, Eugene decided to write about family. Like many of his contemporaries, Eugene had set his sights on challenging career goals. He was a writer. Now, in middle age, Eugene was the father of four young kids. It would be no less of an adventure.

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